In 2014,
everyone needs a
pimped image

Business oriented
user interface and graphic design services

User interface design

graphic interfaces,
turnkey service to developers

Websites Saas E-Commerce Blogs Landing pages Totems Softwares


Virtue identities,
designed to teach ideas and data
to your follower

Logotype Companies identity Brochures Infographic Packaging Advertising Places & Stores

Skills and tools

Design softwares Wordpress Twitter Bootsrap Zurb Foundation HTML 5 CSS 3 UI Design UX Design Branding Copywriting Advertising Events Social marketing Account managment Trello Google Drive/Docs Hangout/Skype Time tracking Video editing Spreadsheets



Mattia Pontonio

24 years old Bachelors degree in Graphic Design @ Polytecnic of Turin 8 years on softwares, 3 in business Loves geometry

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